Services that We Provide


Trying to keep things simple is not so simple. Each of our clients have unique ideas, want that special item and at times change their mind more than once. Let me forewarn you that the cost of changes are added to the final cost of the project, therefore it is important to us and you (the client) to get it right the first time and as quickly as possible. No matter what, we want you to be thrilled with the finished product.

So what is it that we do? Well maybe the information below will give you some insight into our service and if you don't see it listed, just ask. Because if you don't ask, then the answer is assumed to be no. We can't read minds and if you don't ask for it you will not get it. So let's take a look below.


Antique Reproduction

Some pieces were made only once and let's say that your sister received this one and only piece from a family member. It could have been made 100 years, or more, ago and you really would love to have it. But being a good brother/sister you don't fight about it and just try to let it go. There is a solution and sometimes it may not be cheap, but what costs more, losing a wonderful relationship with someone you love or trying to make a reproductive copy of the piece?

I have made so many antique reproductions I cannot count them all. Some big, some small, some easy and some complex to make. My preference is to see the real piece and take measurements, pictures and create patterns of intricate pieces. If possible, I would love to take the piece back to the shop and work from there, but sometimes this is not possible. However, a reproduction can be made and it can be made to look old. Sometimes all I have to work from is a picture and as long as I can establish a reference (scale) this procedure will work.


One of a Kind Pieces

You have this idea and really want to make it come into being. You want curly maple, specific brass hardware, lacquer for the finish and maybe even an inlay added. OK, anything else? Having something unique is exciting and people always ask, ' Where did you find this beautiful piece?'


Restoring Antique Radios and Record Players

I have had some crazy requests over the years. I spent 8 years in the Navy working on F4J radar systems, then worked for National Semiconductor as a field engineer, N.A.S.A. as an engineer, Motorola and in 1996 started my own corporation consulting and teaching customers on computer networks. On several occasions, customers would bring in antique radios that they wanted to have the cabinet restored. Then one day one asked me who could get the radio working again? I told them I could, but getting parts would be hard and sometimes expensive. So, now people know where to go to get things repeaired and restored. Swap meets and garage sales are great places to find things, but sometimes they need some tender loving care and need to be repaired back into working condition. So you found this old Silvertone radio that has character. Maybe some of the veneer is damaged and the unit does not work. Vacuum tubes are missing, the speaker is falling apart, but it has character. You may even have had one as a child. I have a few of those that are in my office. We can fix the wood, replace the missing knobs, find the missing tubes and send the speaker out to be repaired. The veneer normally is not too difficult to fix if there is only minor damage, but if all the veneer is in bad shape or separating from the wood underlayment, then I normally recommend that we strip it all off and replace all the veneer. Some items are plastic and these can be repaired too. I had one person who wanted the internal chassis brushed and cleaned on his antique radio. I asked him, "Why, since no one was going to see it?", but he told me he wanted it restored to new condition. We have all been there with items we hold dear to us, and sometime cost is not the issue. One thing I forgot to mention. You cannot be in a hurry to get this done. I have spent weeks trying to find original knobs for some units and when I do, the person want both of my arms for the item.