Who We Are


Custom WoodWorks is a small company and we will remain small because our mission statement is to build one piece of furniture at a time, give the customer the control over the materials used, select the finish they want, the hardware they want and provide them with something that will last for years and generations to come.

I have been doing this type of work over 45 years and enjoy seeing pieces of wood come together and form something of beauty. I am always asked, "Why so much"? Well the facts are that wood today is not cheap nor is the labor. Sure you can get something from Ikea (and there is nothing wrong with this company, if you like furniture kits) but my question is simple, "How long will these pieces last?" Will you be able to pass them down from one generation to another? Years ago, all furniture was made by hand, today they use machines and can turn out 1000 pieces to my one. I am not saying that I am slow, just that I pay close attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece I make. Over all the years I have never had one customer complain or return any item. If a hinge were to break, I would replace it free of charge. (Unless your children were swinging on the door. This is not normal ware.)

We have designed furniture for our clients with their style in mind, have reproduced furniture based on their drawings or pictures (the actual piece works best for us) and repaired items for them. We also restore and repair antique radios and electronic devices, from the wooden cabinets to the electronics inside.

Because each piece is unique and sometimes very detailed, quality takes time. Most of the time we must make drawings of what the client wants, get them approved, make changes and have all the details written out for their approval. So, if you want something fast, there are plenty of other options where you can buy something, put it together and you have your furniture. Just don't forget to put all the screws in and use the proper glue.